Rocky Mountain Tumbler Reviews

There are tons of different activities that we partake in where it is nice to be able to bring your own beverage to. Whether you and the family are taking a camping trip, or you just want to bring coffee from home to work, you have a variety of uses for good beverage storage solutions. Though not something most of us spend a lot of time thinking about, there are a lot of perks that come with having a high-quality insulated travel tumbler to take your beverages with you wherever you want to go.

What follows is a brief guide that details some of the main things you should consider when looking for a good insulated tumbler. We will then review the highly rated Rocky Mountain Tumbler. Additionally, we will also compare the Rocky Mountain Tumbler to a few of the most popular tumbler alternatives to give you our take as to how the Rocky Mountain Tumbler stacks up against the competition. We are sure that by the end of this guide, you will have all the information you need to pick the best tumbler for your needs.

About the Rocky Mountain Brand

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is the name of both the brand and the product we are here to discuss. They offer more than just the high-end tumbler, they also have a few accessories, such as mounting kits to make it easier to travel with the tumbler in your vehicles without worrying about slippage. There are also special stainless steel straws that can be purchased for use with the Rocky Mountain Tumbler. You can also buy a slip-free handle for the mug as well, making it easier to carry around with you. The namesake tumbler is a great value and won’t break the proverbial bank like some competing models and is available for less than $20.

Quick Facts
BPA Free
Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel
Double-wall Vacuum Insulated
Rocky Mountain Tumbler
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It is constructed from kitchen grade stainless steel and is made to last. It is incredibly durable and fits most standard cup holders (though there is a special mount kit you can purchase separately if you want something that is specially designed for your particular tumbler.

It is BPA free and features double-wall vacuum seal technology. This allows the Rocky Mountain Tumbler to keep beverages cold for up to 24 hours, which is something that is hard to find in other comparably priced insulated tumblers. The tumbler also boasts the ability to keep your beverages hot for up to 12 hours.

It is water tight and also features a spill-proof lid so that you don’t have to worry about leaks and spills while using the tumbler. The tumbler also has a clear lid, which lets you see how much liquid is left in the tumbler without having to remove the lid, letting out heat or cool air in the process.

It holds up to 30 oz., and is designed to be sweat free so your hands don’t get wet from handling the tumbler. It should be noted that this tumbler is not dishwasher safe and all parts should be hand washed.

Things to Consider when Buying any Insulated Tumbler

When you think about buying an insulated travel tumbler, it doesn’t strike many people as something that would require much in the way of research and knowledge, but it helps to have a basic understanding of what you are looking for before you start shopping for anything. Not only does this mean that you are more likely to find something that really fits what you are looking for, but that you don’t waste a ton of unnecessary money on a mug that isn’t even going to work for what you need.


Like with any purchase, it can really help to set a budget when you start looking into insulated tumblers. They typically range in price from $10-40, depending on what brand and style you choose. If you have a price set ahead of time, you can save time and effort when it comes to research. When you have a preset budget, you can eliminate any option that may fall outside your price range without wasting any time looking into it. You might be surprised at how much time you can end up spending looking at options that aren’t going to work for you if you don’t set a price range.


You also need to determine what is important to you. Are you one of those people who want a mug that can be customized? Or that is available in a variety of colors? Make sure that this is part of your search criteria, otherwise you will end up wasting your time. How much liquid do you want the tumbler to hold? If you are only using the tumbler for your morning coffee, you don’t need nearly as large of a tumbler as you need if you want to use it to carry ice water on an overnight camping or hiking trip. Consider what you plan to use the tumbler for when you decide what size will work best for you.


One thing that will really make the price go up is how long you want the mug to be able to keep your beverages hot or cold. Like noted above, if you are only using the tumbler as a way to take coffee to work in the morning, you probably don’t have much use for a tumbler than can keep liquids hot for up to 12 hours, and there is no point paying the extra costs that would be associated with a more advanced kind of tumbler. If you want to be able to keep water as cold as possible for as long as possible, you may need to be willing to spend more on a more insulated tumbler that is up to the task of keeping beverages cold for upwards of 24 hours or more.


You will also want to make sure that you know what the care instructions are for the tumbler you are considering. There are different ways that a tumbler can be insulated and this means that the care instructions will not be the same across the board. Some tumblers are dishwasher safe, whereas others need to be hand washed. For some, it is safe to wash the accessories like the lid and straw in the dishwasher, but not the tumbler itself. There are also some where none of the components and accessories are dishwasher safe. If this is important to you, make sure you find out whether or not any potential option you are considering is dishwasher safe. This is something that should be listed in any product details.


If you are using the tumbler as a travel beverage carrier, you will want to consider how you actually drink from the mug. Is it easy to open? Is it something that can be opened with one hand? You don’t want to buy a tumbler, only to find out that you can’t actually get it open on the ride to work, which is what you bought it for. You will also want to assess how leak proof it is or isn’t. Some have leak-proof seals where there is no spillage or leaking, even if you drop it. Others aren’t so tightly sealed and may leak if you tip it too far.

Benefits of Using a Tumbler Over Paper Cups

First and foremost, when you use an insulated tumbler, you are actually doing your part to reduce your personal burden on the environment. There are too many one-time use and disposable products on the market that do nothing more than clog up and already over-burdened waste system. When you have a mug that you can reuse, this means you aren’t adding to the waste stream on a daily basis. Just think, if you buy a cup of coffee in a disposable cup every day for a year, that is 365 cups added to the waste stream, and you are by no means the only person who does this.

Not only are you helping to reduce waste when you carry a reusable tumbler, you can also save money too. Just think about how much that daily latte costs and how much that adds up over time. With a high quality insulated tumbler, you can make your favorite coffee drinks at home, for a fraction of the price, and bring them with you to work, class, or wherever you are going, without having to spend $5 for every cup of coffee. This savings alone makes these tumblers very quickly pay for themselves.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler vs. the Ozark Trail Tumbler

A popular budget friendly insulated tumbler is the Ozark Trail Tumbler that was designed to compete with the popular Yeti tumbler. So, how does it compare to the Rocky Mountain Tumbler? Firstly, they hold about the same amount of liquid and the Ozark Trail option is available in color choices.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler, however, keeps your beverages hot and colder for much longer than the Ozark Trail tumbler. The Rocky Mountain Tumbler can keep drinks cold for as long as 24-hours and hot for up to 12. This is not something that the Ozark Trail Tumbler can compete with.

If you are just using the tumbler to get to and from the office, the Ozark Trail might work just fine, but if you want something that will keep your beverages at the right temperature for longer, the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is definitely a better choice.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler, unlike the Ozark Trail Tumbler, has a clear lid that allows you to monitor the volume of liquid in the tumbler without taking off the lid. This makes it easy to know when you need a refill without letting out heat or cold. This is a convenience that further helps keep the beverage hot or cold for longer.

All in all, though the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is a bit more expensive than the Ozark Trail tumbler, it tends to represent a better value. It has better construction, can keep your beverages hot and cold for longer, and is made to be far more durable than the Ozark Trail tumbler is intended to be.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler vs. the RTIC Tumbler

RTIC is another popular brand of beverage travel containers, particularly those that are designed to keep your beverages hot or cold for long periods of time. As they make a very comparable tumbler to the Rocky Mountain tumbler we reviewed above, it makes sense to compare these two tumblers as well.

The tumblers are both designed with a vacuum insulation that helps to keep beverages hot or cold. They both hold the same amount of liquid as well.

One of the biggest difference is that the RTIC Tumbler boasts being able to keep beverages cold for up to 60 hours, whereas the Rocky Mountain Tumbler can only keep beverages cold for 24. While this is a big difference, it also means a pretty big difference in the price tags as well, and not many of us have much need for keeping a beverage cold for such a long period of time.

They both have tight lids that air seal so as to prevent leaks, and both of the tumblers have a clear lid which makes it possible for you to see the level of the liquid without having to open the tumbler. They are both made from kitchen-quality stainless steel.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler is lighter and can take a beating. It is shorter and weighs less than the RTIC Tumbler, even though they hold the same amount of liquid. With the Rocky Mountain Tumbler, you get a 60-day money back guarantee, whereas the RTIC Tumbler comes with no guarantee or warranty at all.

One of the big complaints about the RTIC Tumbler is that it does not keep beverages hot for very long, something the Rocky Mountain Tumbler can do for upwards of 12-hours. Overall, after weighing the various pros and cons of each, we feel that the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is the better choice in terms of bang-for-your-buck.

The Rocky Mountain Tumbler vs. the Corkcicle Tumbler

Another popular insulated tumbler is the Corkcicle Tumbler. One of the first things that you will notice is that the Corkcicle tumbler is quite a bit more expensive and doesn’t even hold as much liquid as the Rocky Mountain Tumbler. It is pretty decently rated when it comes to keeping beverages hot and cold, but it does not keep beverages hot and cold for significantly longer than the Rocky Mountain Tumbler.

A common complaint about the Corkcicle Tumbler is that it has a tendency to leak. One of the big perks about the Corkcicle Tumbler that people rave about is that you have a ton of different options if you want to customize or personalize your mug.

Unless customization is a huge concern of yours, we still recommend the Rocky Mountain Tumbler because it is a better value and has fewer problems with leakage.


A high-quality insulated tumbler is a great way to keep your favorite beverages hot or cold for hours at a time. This is great for a whole host of different things, whether you are taking your favorite coffee beverage to work or class, or if you are going on an overnight hiking trip. A good insulated tumbler like the Rocky Mountain Tumbler we reviewed here is also a great way to save money and also help reduce the amount of waste you put into our already burdened waste stream. With an insulated tumbler, you can make coffee at home to take with you, rather than stopping at an expensive coffeehouse. You also reduce the number of disposable cups that end up in the trash, by using a reusable tumbler.

There are tons of different tumblers on the market that cover a wide range of price points, with various different construction features, and other selling points like how long the tumbler can keep your beverage hot or cold. As we noted at the beginning, not all tumblers are created equal. Some suffer from shoddy design and leak. Others don’t do a very good job of keeping beverages hot. There are many things that can tip the proverbial scales to one tumbler or another and for that reason, we compared the Rocky Mountain tumbler with other popular choices.

Through a range of different tests, sifting through tons of different reviews, we found that, even compared to some of the most popular tumblers on the market, that the Rocky Mountain Tumbler is the best value when it comes to durability, construction, performance, and portability.

Whether or not you choose to get the Rocky Mountain Tumbler that we reviewed here, or you use this guide as a starting point for further research and shopping, we are sure you now have the information you need to make an educated and informed choice. We are also sure that you will be happy at the reduced waste and cost savings that you are likely to see as a result of switching from disposable cups to a reusable tumbler.

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